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About Lighting Lumens

Luminous Efficacy Table

Light TypeTypical
luminous Efficacy
Tungsten Incandescent Light Bulb12.5-17.5 lm/W
Halogen Lamp16-24 lm/W
Fluorescent Lamp45-75 lm/W
LED Lamp*30-90 lm/W Good CREE Avg 70lm/W
Metal Halide Lamp75-100 lm/W
High Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp85-150 lm/W
Low Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp100-200 lm/W
Mercury Vapor Lamp35-65 lm/W

Energy saving lamps have high luminous efficacy (more lumens per watt).

* The efficiency of a LED depends on the type of, and quality of the LED. This is why Advantage Lighting endeavours to keep up with the latest cost effect LED's and why our LED products usually out perform LED products that you may buy from a elsewhere.

Most of Advantage Lightings LED products are also well over rated voltage wise (eg. For 240V we may use 265V or higher) so that they stand a much higher chance of surviving brown outs and other power fluctuations. There is more to choosing a quality LED product than most people are aware of, however, you can be sure that providing quality and value is very important to Advantage Lighting.